Shosuro Emon 
Shosuro Emon 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Shosuro Takashi 
Titles: Kolat Master

Shosuro Emon was a Kolat Master prior to the Clan War and was known as the The Shadow's Bane.

Appearance Edit

Emon was handsome, with long dark hair, and black eyes. He never wore the Scorpion mask, except when impersonating one. [1]

Lying Darkness Edit

Emon's brother, Shosuro Takashi, was a Shosuro Ninja. One day Takashi was taken apart and Emon did not see him more. One night Takashi appeared in his window as a faceless minion of the Shadow and claimed his brother for his new master. Emon was already indoctrinated as a kolat and he had been warned about this event. Emon plunged a sharp of crystal into his brother's face, destroying the blank-faced monster his brother was. [2]

Hatred Edit

Emon faked his death, as taken away by his brother, becoming Kolat Master at nineteen and researched the connection between the Shosuro Ninjas and the Shadow. Every agent he sent in the tracks of a ninja disappeared and never returned. Emon orchestrated several "baiting" operations that drew Shadow minions into the open and them destroyed. He became the coordinator of the kolat efforts against the Shadow. [1]

Hidden Temple Edit

In 1132 Emon was at the Hidden Temple with the rest of the Masters and the kidnapped Doji Shizue. They surveyed with the Oni's Eye the events of the Assault on Otosan Uchi. [3]

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