Shosuro Defilers [1] were a selected few Bayushi Courtiers who received advanced training under the wing of a Shosuro sensei, to truly excel at defiling another samurai's reputation. There was no dishonor in exposing a rival's weakness or one of his vile secrets, and that sullying a samurai's reputation only proved how weak this particular individual truly was. [2] A true Defiler was ready to give his life in return for shattering the name, honor, and repute of an enemy of the Scorpion Clan. [3]

Training Edit

They developed out of a peculiar form of competition, where two challengers were given the same task. The one who accomplished it first, or was most instrumental in its completion, was deemed to be victorious. The two major dojo where the Defilers were trained were Brother's Gift Dojo and the Dojo of Lies. [4]

Known Techniques Edit


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