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Shosuro Chihiro 
Shosuro Chihiro 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named courtier,
un-named actress 
Siblings: Two un-named siblings

Shosuro Chihiro was a Scorpion Clan actor.

Early Years Edit

Chihiro was the third child of an actress and a minor courtier. He passed his gempukku in 1169, destined for greatness, a prodigy when he was performing on the stage. Chihiro loved to be the center of attention, and sought at every chance to prove his capabilities. He was a manipulator, stealthy, gifted and crafty, who could pose as a minor figure of another Clan for a short time. [1]

Sensei Edit

His sensei was Shosuro Atesharu, and both met again when Atesharu was governor of Painted City. Chihiro was handpicked as part of a special guard his former sensei was forming. [2]

Actor Edit

Chihiro was an actor in the famous Silken Smile Theater. From the stage he could see samurai spectators from other Great Clans, learning from their reactions. [3]

Chihiro in Disguise Edit

Chihiro impersonated the role of Doji Takashi at Kyuden Kumiko, cultivating more than a simple friendship with the pretty courtier Moshi Chiasa. Before she was sent in a mission in early 1170, Takashi gave her an inro, as a memory of his company with her. The inro was intrumental to identify her in the court, and Chiasa's mission was a complete failure, when a scandal was revealed and she was disgraced for her hand in it. At that time Chihiro was off of the island and traveling in the Phoenix lands, under the name Shiba Tatsumi. [4]

Hidden Temple Edit

This year Chihiro provided the necessary Shosuro ninja to launch the assault to the Hidden Temple, the Kolat headquarter. [5]

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