Shosuro Chiharu was a courtier of the Scorpion Clan.

Ambitious Musician Edit

Chiharu was a promising courtier who pursued unorthodox musical forms while neglecting her political connections. Chiharu declined to perform at Winter Court as she was deep in the throes of a new composition. Her mother arranged to have her sent to the Second City, as a wake-up call. [1]

Second City Edit

Chiharu was appointed in the court of the Imperial Governor of the Colonies, where she provided music for the delectation of the Governor Otomo Suikihime and her guests, and at the same time Chiharu spied for the Scorpion delegation's head. There she met other courtiers as Kuni Itsuki and Tamori Sumire. [2] She played a traditional repertoire in court functions, but experimented with new musical techniques and even with the native instruments of the Ivory Kingdoms in her residence. [3]

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