The Shosuro Champion Dojo was a school reserved for the most promising Scorpion swordsmen, trained to become elite duelists, [1] known as the Shosuro Champions. [2]

Training Edit

The secretive dojo was founded in the 9th century, in the mountains between Kakusu Keikai Torid-e, the Hidden Watch Keep, and the Yogo Towers. It taught iaijutsu and the values of devotion and obedience to one's lord. No one outside the Scorpion Clan knew of the existence of this school. [3]

Tradition Edit

Only Scorpion experienced warriors were accepted, or Scorpion courtiers who could prove that they had a decent measure of skill at physical combat. Applicants were usually required to fight a duel to first blood with a sensei of the dojo to prove their worhty. [3]

Style Edit

The founder of the dojo was once a respected Shosuro Shinobi master, and his style relied on abrupt, erratic, and seemingly clumsy movements designed to fool the enemy into believing that the practitioner did not know what he was doing. Many a haughty duelist had been completely duped in a formal iaijutsu duel, who let his guard down against an opponent who at first seemed a fool for accepting his challenge. [4]

Known Sensei Edit


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