The Shosuro Actor Academy was the dojo of the Shosuro Actor school.

Location Edit

The dojo was located Northeast of Shiro no Shosuro, between the Shosuro capital and Nihai Tower. [1] It was surrounded by a city alongside the Emperor's Road, the Painted City. [2]

Training Edit

They taught methods of acting and entertainment, as well as infiltration and impersonation. Notable students received instruction on the arts of poison, stealth, and even assassination. Shosuro Ninja were also trained in these abilities. [1] Shosuro Butei studied sumai, not to win tournaments but so they could accurately portray
sumai matches. [3]

History Edit

Foundation Edit

The dojo was founded in 179 by the Shosuro Daimyo at the time, Shosuro Taysuke. The Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Marihime secretly planted the clan's most talented ninja sensei there, who privately instructed his butei. Ten years later, the school's first acting troupe emerged and was a great success. The Scorpion Players troupe traveled throughout the Scorpion lands at first, but they were soon invited into houses in the Phoenix, the Crane, and Lion lands. [1]

Heresy of the Five Rings Edit

In the 6th century the monk Gorinno spread a religious movement known as Five Rings, Five Clans, and suggested the Crane and Scorpion Clans had to merge in order to restore the Celestial Balance. In the year 528 the Master Sensei of the Kakita Artisan Academy, Kakita Wayozu, promoted artistic works that defended the Empire's traditional structure of six Great Clans. Soon after, the Scorpion began to use a similar tactic, using their own acting troupes to perform plays supporting traditional social structures. [4]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1173 during the Destroyer War the dojo was attacked by the forces of Kali-Ma and overrun. [5]


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