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Shosuro Atari was a courtier of the Scorpion Clan.

Skills Edit

Atari excelled in the Bayushi Courtier school, and decided to be name Atari, the term of go used to inform a student that a stone was about to be captured. He had a clear, precise, and vindictive mind, with a small reputation as a talented storyteller. With the remains of one of the famous Meiwaku Fans, a Soshi Shugenja made him a set of go which recaptured some semblance of the broken nemuranai. Atari used his Go games to learn from his opponents, losing stone after stone to pick away at his target's emotional and psychological defenses. He mastered the art of offering a game in such a fashion that a refusal would be a personal insult. [1]

Reassigned Edit

During a Winter Court of the Ikoma Daimyo Atari drew the anger of the host's cousin, Ikoma Zai. At open court he lost to the youthful Ikoma in a brazen fashion that mocked the host of the Ikoma court. In retribution Atari was reassigned to a remote court, in the Eternal Danger Islands. <refBook of Water, p. 157</ref>

Remote Station Edit

In just a few months in the City of the Prosperous Dawn Atari made himself head of the Scorpion delegation, despite Yogo Zohime was the true leader. Atari earned the enmity of most of the court [1] of Shiro no Raiden, under the care of the governor Miya Onako. Eventually peasant woodsmen came racing into the city which sat beside the castle, the City of the Prosperous Dawn, reporting of dead bodies in the forest nearby. The scene of the massacre was examined by the shugenja and hunter Moto Kesshite with Asako Hiiromi, who found several Rokugani pinned down by unknown creatures, leaving behind only one survivor. Onako ordered Kesshite to discover the culprit with the aid of the city commander, Matsu Tadaka. [2]

Plotting Edit

During a game of go with a young ronin woman, Aireiko, Atari learned she was deeply madly in love with Moto Kesshite. To sow discord between Onako and the Unicorn, Atari blackmailed the ronin, and requested her to hunt down a variety of exotic animals and dedicate the trophies to the Imperial administrator. Onako accepted the trophies, outraging Moto Kesshite, whose compassion for animals was well known. A group of samurai disrupted the scheme, convincing Aireiko to confide the truth to Kesshite. [3]

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