Shosuro Akitada 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1115 
Siblings: Shosuro Gobei 
Spouse: Yogo Hyobu 
Children: Shosuro Jocho,
Shosuro Kimi 
Titles: Governor of Ryoko Owari

Shosuro Akitada was a governor of Ryoko Owari during the ruling of the Emperor Hantei XXXVIII.

Family Edit

Akitada was the brother of Shosuro Gobei. [1]

Married Edit

Akitada visited the Yogo family with the intention of making a politically adept match. Many sisters of the same family tried to demonstrate to him their skills. However Akitada selected the only one who remained working during his visit, Shosuro Hyobu, a practical woman. They moved to Ryoko Owari, where Akitada was the governor. [2]

Children Edit

Hyobu had difficulty in childbirth, suffering three miscarriages and watching two children die before her first son, Shosuro Jocho, was born. The second, her daughter Shosuro Kimi, nearly killed her, so his husband arranged that they would have no more children. Akitada was a kind and caring man during the pregnancy, but out of it he was totally involved in his duties to the city. [2]

Teaching Edit

His duties kept him away from his wife, and Hyobu's demeanor became more similar to her sisters. Akitada to recover the marriage began to teach her about the city governance, as she requested. [2]

Lowering taxes Edit

Akitada sent her ten year old daughter as hostage to the Doji family. It had been an arrangement made between Akitada and the Emerald Champion Doji Satsume to lower the taxes of the city. [3]

Death Edit

Akitada died in 1115, and while Jocho became the next governor, he was not truly interested, Hyobu becoming the acting governor. [2]


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