Shosuro Actress

A Shosuro Actress

Shosuro Actors, or butei, were actors trained by the Shosuro family. This school's teaching principle was quite simple: everyone in Rokugan wore a metaphorical mask, and the students of the Shosuro Actor school were just trained to change the mask they wore.[citation needed]

History Edit

The first known butei troupe was Shosuro Furuyari's School of the Ivory Fan, in the 1st century. [1]

Dojo Edit

Shosuro Actor

A Shosuro Actor

The main dojo of the Shosuro Actor school was the Shosuro Butei Academy, which was surrounded by the Painted City, between Shiro no Shosuro and Nihai Tower. [2]

Renown Edit

Shosuro actors were renowned throughout the Empire for the plays they performed. They were frequently seen in the residences of powerful daimyo, temple masters and sensei, which facilitated the intelligence gathering they often performed for their clan. [3]

True Purpose Edit

The Acting Academy true purpose was to train infiltrators who could serve as spies and assassins, teaching skills of both deception and murder, as well as methods of creating and inhabiting false persona. [4] Following the Scorpion Coup they served the purpose of throwing their opponent off-balance, through trickery, subtlety, and ambushes. [5]

Shosuro Actor Techniques Edit

Following is the list of the known Shosuro Actor techniques: [6]

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