The Shosuro-Ikoma Alliance was a covert alliance formed between the leaders of the Otomo, the Shosuro, and Ikoma families following the Battle of Stolen Graves. They had decided that some facts could damage the reputation of the Emperor, and it was the duty of samurai to protect the Emperor from such facts. Both families started to re-write history, in a more honorable way. [1]

First contacts Edit

During winter of 442, following the Battle of White Stag, an informal alliance between the Imperial families, the Ikoma, and the Shosuro began systematically working to protect the dignity of the Imperial Throne in the historical record. [2]

Creation of the Alliance Edit

Not only did the rise of Iuchiban bring together the Kuni and Yogo families, it also created one of the strangest - and most subdued - relatonships in Rokugani history. In fact the event changed Rokugan history in more ways than were generally known. [3]

When Iuchiban was captured and his identity revealed, a conference was held between the Emperor and the daimyo of the Bayushi and Ikoma families. For reasons no longer recorded, the Emperor demanded that the identity of Iuchiban be hidden forever and the details of the event be changed. Not just obscured, but directly altered so that future generations would never know the true identity of the sorcerer. The Bayushi Daimyo immediately called the daimyo of the Shosuro family and related the Emperor's orders. The Shosuro daimyo nodded and joined forces with the Ikoma to make certain the Emperor's orders were carried out. Since that day, the Ikoma and Shosuro worked together for one reason: to protect the Emperor. Together they made certain official Rokugani history had protected the Emperor from both dangers visible and invisible. [3]

Hidden truths Edit

The Ikoma and Shosuro jointly maintained a secret library where all the suppressed truths of Rokugan's history were kept. [1]

Battle of the White Stag Edit

The Lion histories made no mention of a foreign navy being invited into the docks of Otosan Uchi for trade and commerce. However a foreign navy did attack the capital and was driven off. Of course, no record of the Mantis Clan involvement was mentioned either. [3]

For further information on this section, please see Battle of the White Stag

Hidden Secrets of the Hantei Edit

In fact the Shosuro and Ikoma had made certain that any event that could compromise the honor or integrity of the Hantei line was erased from the Empire's memory, for everyone knows if the Ikoma did not record it, it never happened. [3]

Hidden Secrets of the Iweko Edit


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