Shosuro's Cloak
Created by: Bayushi
First used by: Shosuro
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Shosuro's Cloak, also called the Rainbow Cloak was worn by Shosuro all times, and was part of the mystery of her.

Crafted Edit

The mask was carved for Shosuro by Bayushi's own hands. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

It appeared to be a slice of darkest, starless moonlight When worn, it felt the same. [2] The surface of the cloak was of a dark hue. The cloak's swirling patterns and movements were unnatural and could mesmerize even the most powerful oni. The cloak granted the wielder to be seen as the other people expected, keeping her identity secret. If entering a chamber and a man was expecting his wife the cloak would show to him the image of his spouse. The cloak did not bestow any control as to whom onlookers saw when it was worn, and the voice was unchanged. [3]

History Edit

Scorpion Clan Edit

After Shosuro disappeared from the Empire this garment was used by the Scorpion Clan for a thousand years until it was finally resting at the Shrine of the Seven Thunders and custodied by monks. [4] Shosuro all that time was imprisoned in the Chamber of Crystal at Kyuden Togashi. [5]

War against the Darkness Edit

When in 1132 Shosuro was freed [6] she killed all the monks and stole the cloak from the Shrine. [7]

Lake of Shosuro Edit

When Shosuro reunited with Bayushi in the Sleeping Lake behind Kyuden Bayushi [8] the cloak was supposed lost, but several days later it was found beside the lake. [3]

Twelfth Century Edit

In the 12th century the cloak was owned by the Shosuro Daimyo Shosuro Yudoka. [9]


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