Shosuro's Blackened Armor
Created by: Unkown
First used by: Shosuro
Currently in the possession of: Shosuro Daimyo

Shosuro's Blackened Armor was the Ashigaru Armor wore by Shosuro, and it helped her to maintain her identity for a time, against the grip of the fragment of the Lying Darkness which had returned with Shsouro in the Day of Thunder. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Shosuro made constant modifications to the armor as the First War went on. By the end it was a chestpiece, armguards, shin-guards that had become darkened by soot, sweat, and blood. The essence of thae Nothing had seeped into the armor, suppressing the wearer's presence in everyone else's perceptions. [1]

Shosuro Heirloom Edit

When Shosuro became Soshi, the Scorpion Thunder took to wearing the armor underneath the billowing robes. Her identity becoming lose, she left the armor behind and sought the aid of Togashi. The armor was found in Soshi's chamber and it was given to the Shosuro Daimyo. [1]


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