Shori (Mantis)
Shori (Mantis)
Created by: Xing Guo
First used by: Yoritomo Bunmei
Currently in the possession of: Yoritomo Bunmei

Shori was the final gift of Tsi Xing Guo, the Fortune of Steel, to the Mantis Clan in 1167. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Shori was decorated with forest green silk on the tsuka and held in a saya of identical color. An Air kami was bound to the blade. It granted to the blade's wielder an increased speed in the attacks made with it. The wielder gained a limited ability to talk with the air kami and use its magical powers, even if he was not a shugenja. [2]

Yoritomo Bummei Edit

The Lotus Sword of the Mantis was given by the Jade Champion Asahina Sekawa to Yoritomo Naizen, who entrusted it to Yoritomo Bunmei. [2]

Known Wielders Edit

External Links Edit


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