Shokushu no Oni

Shokushu no Oni

Shokushu no Oni were commonly used as shock troops in the Shadowlands.

Appearance Edit

They were large and fearsom brutes who enjoy killing and were not smart enough to question orders. They body was trunk like and reaches up to 15 feet in length, and their hide was a sickly bluish color. Their head had three short horns protruding from the front, and they had small piercing eyes. Their large mouth was filled with three rows of sharp teeth, but most striking about their appearance were the eight long tentacles that extended from it's body.

Attack Edit

The Shokushu no Oni would either bite it's enemies with it's sharp teeth or suffocate them with it's tentacles. The tentacles were as flexible as whips, and could easily grasp a human and cover their mouth and nose.

History Edit

In the civil war in the Shadowlands in the Twelfth century they sided with The Maw against Daigotsu.

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  • Creatures of Rokugan; Thrid Edition, p. 167

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