Please note: This article is about the wrathful sea spirits of the Ivory Kingdoms. For other uses of the term, please see Shojo (disambiguation).

En'you, a prophetic shōjō.

The shōjō were wrathful sea spirits of the Ivory Kingdoms. [1]

Demeanor and Abilities Edit

The original people of the Kingdoms said that they were safe among the shojo, and the outsiders were not. [1] They knew that the shojo should not under any circumstances be angered. [2] The had a gift for prophecy and an unquenchable thirst for alcohol of any kind. [3]

History Edit

Treaty with the Mantis Edit

During the Mantis-Ivory Kingdoms War the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Aramasu made an agreement with the shojo nearby the place later known as Aramasu's Vigilance. [4]

Destroyer War Edit

The most prominent was the prophetic En'you, whom the Mantis Clan encountered in the Ivory Kingdoms and who offered his services to aid the Rokugani during the Destroyer War. He had with a fondness for alcohol, and traded it for his favors. [2]

War of Serpents Edit

The shojo known as Yu'phen exchanged his support for sake with Kitsuki Jakuei, in his quest to find the kidnapped half-Naga Mirumoto Mareshi. [5] They met in the Fields of Sanfiorenzo. [6]

Known Shojo Edit

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