Shogun's Advisors

Shogun's Advisors

The Shogun's Advisors were a group of ronin who were all important, behind-the-scenes advisors to the Shogun, Kaneka.

The Vacant Throne Edit

In 1168 when Kaneka was wandering in the Empire disguised of a nondescript warrior known simply as "the Ronin", he sent word to Rikako that he wished to extend an offer to each of the Great Clans: to endorse his occupation of Toshi Ranbo only so long as the Emperor remained indisposed, as the Empire believed. In return the Clans would be served by one of the greatest of the Shogun's Advisors. Shiba Danjuro and Rikako announced the Shogun's proclamation to the Imperial Court. [1] It piqued the interest of many clans and helped to build support for the Shogun after he claimed stewardship over the Steel Throne upon Naseru's departure from the Imperial City on a quest to seek Enlightenment. [2] Kaneka extended the offer to the Badger Clan, to improve his relations with the Alliance of Minor Clans. [3]

Chosen by the Clans Edit

These ten members of Kaneka's inner circle were sent to the eight Great Clans, as well as to the One Tribe and even to the Shadowlands, to swear fealty to their Clan. [4]

Each group that received an advisor accepted him or her except the Scorpion Clan, who instead sent Shosuro Jimen as their representative to Toshi Ranbo wo Shien Shite Reigisaho, and the One Tribe, who rejected as well for the Shogun's contacts with the Naga Qelsaurth. [4]

Advisors Edit

Otoya, the Veteran - Sent to the Crab Clan

Naoharu, the Advisor - Sent to the Crane Clan

Fusami, the Duelist - Sent to the Dragon Clan

Uchito, the Brother - Sent to the Lion Clan

Sachina, the Seductress - Sent to the Mantis Clan

Masakazu, the Bully - Sent to the Phoenix Clan

Qelsaurth, the Naga - Sent to the Shadowlands Ambassador

Rikako, the Shugenja - Sent to the Unicorn Clan

Kazumasa, the Adventurer - Sent to the Badger Clan

In addition to these nine advisors, one other existed whom did not join a Clan.

Etsushi, the Brother

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