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Shiyokai were evil spirits that had spawned from humans who died in bitterness, having lived infulfilled lives.

Dream Spirits Edit

With unfulfilled desires they passed through Jigoku into Yume-do, and they roamed the world caught between those two realms and Ningen-do. Their resentment of their own lives made them incapable of leaving others in peace, and they would attack the living until they had drained the vitality from them. They were the mortal enemies of the baku, and the two creatures would fight each other upon sight. [1]

Appearance Edit

Shiyokai 2


The Shiyokai had a human appearance from the waist up, if not a bit gaunt and elongated. Their eyes were pupiless and bulging, and anything below their waist trailed off into wisps. [1]

Abilities Edit

Shiyokai traveled in packs, entering the mortal realm only at night, and fed upon the dreams of others. They used telepathy to read the minds of intruders, then communicate telepathically, pretending to be the spirit of a friend or loved one. Using Seduction, they encouraged their victims to be calm and rest, at which time they cast Wind-Borne Slumbers. Only when all intruders had been overcome by sleep or flee did the shiyokai begin to feed. [2] Their victims suffered a drain upon their willpower, as their hopes and aspirations were literally sucked out of them. When a Shiyokai had finished sucking every last ounce of inspiration from their victim the person became a bitter, soulless shiyokai themselves. At dawn Shiyokai returned to Yume-do, and remained there until nightfall. [1]

The nightmares of shiyokai were a matter of psychological conflict, not a straight-out combat. If the victim overcame his fears, he awoken unharmed. If he was defeated by his past failures, the shiyokai won. [3]

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