Shito Dama was the Rokugani word for the will o'wisps, vengeful ghosts which appeared as balls of fire who had lost their way to Yomi. Shito Dama endlessly wandered, killing victims so the soul of deceased could follow them to the River of Stars. [1]

Luring victims Edit

They called out in familiar voices, then drifted off in the hopes of luring them off a cliff or similar deadly end. Cunning Shito Dama tricked the living into believing they were the spirit of a relative or lover, then convinced them to commit seppuku. [1]

Showing the way Edit

The best was to ignore their calling. Shugenja simply prayed for them, and some shugenja tried to guide them to Yomi, though this was often fruitless. [1]

Ranpo Temple Edit

The Shito Dama at Ranpo Temple was conducted by Bishamon to test those who entered his beloved temple. If the individual was tainted the target was overcome with fear and fled. [2]

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