Hantei 1

Hantei no Shiryo

Shiryo were the spirits of the blessed ancestors who had earned the right to eternal bliss in Yomi. [1]

Abilities Edit

Many Shiryo returned to the mortal realm to guide, inspire, and protect their descendants. [2] They also might find his descendant incompetent, and they offered ridicule instead. He could choose to be completely invis­ible, appear only to his descendant, or be com­pletely visible. [3]

Nezumi Edit

The nezumi called their ancestor Transcendents or Wikki'thich-hie. [4]

Known Shiryo Edit

Brotherhood Edit

Crab Edit

Hida 1

Hida no Shiryo

Crane Edit

Doji Hoturi 1

Hoturi no Shiryo

Dragon Edit

Lion Edit

Matsu 2

Matsu no Shiryo

Mantis Edit

Yoritomo 9

Shiryo no Yoritomo

Phoenix Edit

Scorpion Edit

Bayushi 1

Bayushi no Shiryo

Unicorn Edit

Ide 1

Ide no Shiryo

Imperial and Others Edit


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