White Shore Lake

White Shore Lake (Q)

The White Shore Lake (Q) in the Kawabe province [1] was a majestic body of water lying in the heart of Unicorn territory. It was the largest lake in the Empire, [2] and the resting place of Firefly River. [3]

Trade Edit

The Lake became a hub of fishing and trading. [3]

Name Edit

The lake got its name from the white sands on the lakes shores. [4] It was said to have medicinal effects. [3]

Ningyo Edit

It was rumored that Ningyo lived on the bottom of the lake. The popular belief that if you ate the flesh of a ningyo you become immortal had led the Unicorn to declare such an act illegal. This was done much because of their recent alliance with the Naga. [4]

The inhabitants of Mizu Mura, the village neighboring the lake, were very protective of their Ningyo friends, and an orochi dwelled within the Ningyo city as well. Any who attempt to attain immortality by eating ningyo meat would have quite a nasty opposition. [2]

Oracle of Water Edit

Isawa Sayuri, the Oracle of Water, was seen in 1158 walking around the shores and on top of the waters of the lake. It was believed she had taken residence in its waters. [5]


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