White Shore Plain

White Shore Plain

White Shore Plain (S) in the Ikoku province [1] was the plain where the Battle of White Shore Plain was fought in 815 following the Return of the Ki-Rin. The Scorpion were defeated by the Unicorn, and if a Unicorn was asked why they won he would reply that it was because the Scorpion thought they were weak uneducated barbarians. If a Scorpion was asked about this they would concede the point and quickly change the subject. [2]

Stewardship Edit

White Shore Plain 2

White Shore Plain (S)

Toturi Kaede granted stewardship of White Shore Plain to the Unicorn to bless the marriage of Seppun Kossori and Shinjo Shirasu's son, Shinjo Nayaru. [3]

Lords of the Dead Edit

Within sight of Shiro Moto was built the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang Temple, the first temple that worshipped the Lords of the Death. [4]

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