Shiro no Soshi

Shiro no Soshi

The Castle of Organization (S2) in the An'ei province, [1] was the home of the Soshi family. [2]

Secluded Edit

The Soshi family castle was constructed high amid the peaks of the Spine of the World Mountains. [3] Hidden away in the mountains, the castle was hard to find, and those who did not know the way could eaily be lost for days, just the way the Soshi prefered it. From their tallest towers they could overlook Lion lands. [2] All the roads leading to it were warded with illusion magic. [4]

Appearance Edit

Shiro no Soshi 2

Shiro no Soshi

The castle was a medium-sized structure, seventy feet tall, with six levels above ground and two below. Absent was the normal stockade, as the mountains did a much better job than wooden walls could. The interior was surprisingly organized and logical. The halls were illuminated with soft white light from nemuranai lanterns, crafted by master Soshi Shugenja, making the general mood of Shiro no Soshi a pleasant, cheerful, and open. When the wards were activated, many places in the castle became deathtraps. In the undergound levels the opium was processed. [5] The castle’s high towers were supplemented by additional tall watchtowers on every side, among the tallest constructs in the Empire. Due to their great height and
unusually narrow design, the Scorpion hired Kaiu Engineers to ensure they could withstand the mountains winds. [3]

Dojo Edit

The Dojo of the Closed Eye, the training grounds of the Soshi Shugenja school, stood in the shadow of Shiro Soshi. [6] The castle was home to some of the most dubious magical experiments in the Empire within the sinister Hidden Moon Dojo. [7]

History Edit

Besieged Edit

In 935 a Unicorn army besieged the castle in answer to an insult ion court by the Soshi Daimyo Soshi Arashi. The invaders returned home after Arashi was killed by an arrow shot by the general Shinjo Tarajin, the first time ever the use of Yomanri was seen in Rokugan. [8]

After the Coup Edit

Shiro no Soshi 3

Shiro no Soshi (S2)

In 1124, [9] after the failure of the Scorpion Coup, Shiro no Soshi was put to torch by the Scorpion before the Imperial Legions plundered their wealth and secrets. [10]

Rebuilding Edit

The Soshi slowly rebuilt the castle during the Scorpion's banishment, hiding their new construction with illusion. When the Scorpion were reinstated, the castle returned to its former glory. [4]

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