Shiro Yogo

Shiro Yogo (S7)

The Castle of Learning (S7) in the Fukitsu province [1] was the home of the great and foreboding Yogo family. Isolated from the Empire it sat in the foothills of Seikitsu sano Yama no Oi. [2]

Appearance Edit

The castle was built upon the Seikitsu Mountains' inner edge, the worst lands in all the Scorpion holdings, and the plains that surrounded the entrance to the mountains were a desolate stretch of swampland. [3] It was a castle of many tall towers, and the small city attached to the castle was surrounded by marshland. [4]

Dojo Edit

The Whispered Secret Dojo was located within the castle. [5]

Isolated Edit

The Yogo rarely invited outsiders to attend their courts, and fewer outsiders wished to attend. Once the housing place of one of the Black Scrolls the Yogo often played hosts for the Kuni Witch Hunters and Asako Inquisitors as a sign of their commitment to purity after the Clan War. [6] The Hidden Moon Dojo, a secret society of Yogo Shugenja dedicated to studying and fighting the Lying Darkness and other enemies in the shadows, often held council there. [7]

History Edit

Attacked Edit

In the 7th century Shiro Yogo was attacked by a mercenary army hired by the Crab during the second phase of the Crab Invasion of Scorpion lands. They were quickly defeated by the Yogo magic. [8]

Sacked Edit

In 1074 the bloodspeakers managed to make an uprising, the Yogo Rebellion. The castle was sacked and the Yogo Daimyo sacrificed in a cultist ritual. [9]

First Black Scroll Edit

In the early 12th century the first of the infamous Black Scrolls, the Wasting Disease, was secretly guarded by the Yogo Daimyo Yogo Junzo in his castle. [10]

After the Coup Edit

After the failure of the Scorpion Coup the main strongholds of the Clan were set to fire by loyal Scorpion, before the Imperial Legions plundered their wealth and secrets. Shiro Yogo was seized intact, as Yogo Junzo and his retinue abandoned the place long before the Legions arrived. After dozens of serious injuries resulting from lingering Yogo Wards, the Legions simply abandoned it. [11]

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
Bloodspeaker page 54 most probably confuses Yogo Towers with Shiro Yogo, the natural home of the Yogo Daimyo. Oni no Pikachu (talk) 16:33, January 16, 2013 (UTC)


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