Shiro Tamori

Shiro Tamori

The Tamori family Castle (D7) was formerly Shiro Agasha until the members of the Agasha family that had remained loyal to the Dragon Clan formed the Tamori family in 1150. The Tamori oversaw the Dragon Clan's libraries, and the castle housed the Clan's largest shugenja dojo, the Mountain Home Dojo. Fortified deep in the mountains of the Tamori Provinces, the Tamori were less receptive of visitors than the Agasha were, and most of their diplomatic relations were conducted in Yamasura. [1] Also known as Fire Tooth Castle, [2] it was located in the Kinenkan province. [3]

Location Edit

Shiro Tamori 2

Shiro Tamori (D7)

Located in the Fire Tooth Mountain, [4] anyone who wished to visit the Tamori home would have to be escorted from either Shiro Mirumoto or Shiro Kitsuki by an acolyte. The castle itself was situated on a lone mountaintop, and the entrance was via a series of twisting caves and passages, all alike. The castle had no guards, as entrance to the castle was impossible for anyone not familiar with the caves below. [5] The Mountain's Path was the only major highway that connected Shiro Tamori with the rest of the Dragon holdings. [4]

Training Ground Edit

A large portion of the courtyard inside the walls was used as training field, where the Tamori Yamabushi trained with the katana and wakizashi. [5] The Dragon Spirit-Binder, Tamori Shugenja, Tonbo Shugenja, amd Tamori Alchemist schools were taught in the castle's dojo. [6] A temple to Bishamon sat in the middle of the castle. [7]

Sacred Library Edit

Contained throughout the castle was the Sacred Library, organized in a manner that only the shugenja of the family could comprehend. No outsiders were allowed to enter the rooms of the library, and should they require any information from the library a librarian would retrieve it for them. No scrolls were allowed to leave the castle, and anyone who wished to copy information from a scroll had to obtain permission from the Tamori Daimyo. [5]

Mountain Home Dojo Edit

Agasha Tunnels

Agasha Tunnels

Mountain Home Dojo was located beneath the castle, in the Agasha Tunnels, and there the Tamori delved into the arts of potions and herbalism. The arts of explosives and alchemy were abandoned after the Agasha defection. [8]

Agasha Foundries Edit

After taking control of the castle from the Agasha family, the Tamori discovered the Agasha Foundries deep in the heart of the mountain. Reading the scrolls and materials left behind when the Agasha left, they have continued the work on potions, herbalism, the art of Hanabi and smithing. Surrounded by the spirits of the Earth, the Foundries act as one big temple. [9]

History Edit

Naga and Hitomi Edit

During the Siege of Sleeping Mountain the Naga army in its fight against Hitomi and the Shadow, razed to the ground the Agasha Castle. [10]

Night of the Spider Edit

In 1170 during the Night of the Assassins the Tamori Daimyo Tamori Shaitung and her husband the Master of Air Tamori Nakamuro died while fighting the assassins sent by Daigotsu. A level of the castle was destroyed in the fight. [11]

War of Dark Fire Edit

Shiro Tamori came under attack during the War of Dark Fire in 1171. The castle was encased in molten lava by Tamori Wotan and Tamori Shimura in order to destroy the Yobanjin forces within, preventing them from using it as a staging ground for further attacks on the Dragon. [12] The castle was begin to be rebuilt after the war ended, [13] but it was still under the solidified lava in 1172. [14]

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