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Shiro Nanbu was the stronghold of the Nanbu family, vassal of the Soshi family. [1]

Location Edit

The ancestral lands of the Nabu were nestled in a small valley near the Spine of the World Mountains, in view of White Shore Plain, north of the Soshi provinces, as close to Unicorn territory as Scorpion. [2] The Nanbu estates was a small keep, little more than a series of farmhouses, enough to house the Nanbu and their peasants. [3]

History Edit

After the Scorpion Coup and the disbanding of the Scorpion Clan the fortress surrendered to the Imperial Legions in 1125 and became a garrison of the legions. [4] After the Nanbu reinstatement in 1150 the survivors of the family were gathered by the new Nanbu Daimyo Nanbu Kochoko, occupying the castle again. [3]


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