The Shiro Morito Dojo was the dojo of the Ox Clan, where the Ox Bushi where trained. [1]

Founding Edit

When Morito was cast out from the Unicorn Clan he roamed the Empire searching for a purpose. Time and conflicts forged him into the man he is, and the Ox Clan became the result of that. Occupying the northern reaches of the Dragon Heart Plain the Ox defended Rokugan for the barbarian Yobanjin tribes of the north. The dojo was built to train his men within Shiro Morito. [1]

Training Edit

Having originally came from the Unicorn the training of the Ox samurai focused on mounted combat. Unlike the Unicorn however the Ox saw their steeds as a tool and a weapon, not a partner. Teaching focused on using the mount as an advantage, and when it no longer was to continue the fight on foot. [1]

Notable Sensei Edit


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