Face of the East Castle

Face of the East Castle (CB1)

The Face of the East Castle (CB1) was the northern castle which would host the Yasuki's diplomatic endeavors, as its distance from the Shadowlands helped ensure the safety of it's guests. It was also the major centre for lumber harvesting, and permission to harvest from Shinomen Mori was given by the Naga before they entered their slumber. Nezumi also used to deal with the Crab here, but stopped after the dealings with the Naga. [1]

Location Edit

The castle stood on a wide hill overlooking the Shinomen Mori on one side and facing the ancestral mountains of the Boar Clan on the other, [2] within the Kaiu Hokufuu province. [3] The entire garrison consisted of just two companies of Hida Elite Guardsmen, and they were there mainly to serve as an honor guard for visiting dignitaries. [4] The castle housed the Shell of Stone Distillery, which brewed mugijochu, the House of a Thousand Truths, and the Dens. [5]

Marketplace Edit

The castle was a hub for overland trade (both legal and illicit) with the Unicorn Clan, whose caravans could reach it directly without passing through the strict tariff inspections of the Scorpion lands. [6] In the town surrounding the castle was the Golden Carp Marketplace. The locals were apathetic about where the merchandise came from, and therefore it was a known place for pirates to rid themselves of cargo. If they were able to get the shipment there overland, and if they only expected 40% of market value for the goods. [7]

Shadowlands in the Shinomen Edit

The castle had been one of the safest Crab strongholds, as its proximity to the Shinomen Forest generally kept Tainted beasts at bay. In the middle 12th century the Crab begun to conduct its diplomacy in the Watchtower of the East or Maemikake due to the sudden presence of Shadowlands beasts in the forest, [8] and same later in the turbulent Four Winds era and during the Destroyer War. [9]


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