Shiro Iuchi

Shiro Iuchi (U22)

The Gatherer of Winds Castle (U22) in the Kaihi province [1] was called that because the violent gusts of wind that would sweep down from the nearby mountains. Despite being the ancestral home of the Iuchi family, who were mostly shugenja, it was a virtual fortress due to its proximity to Iuchi Pass. Any army approaching Unicorn lands from the south would have to pass Shiro Iuchi. [2]

Appearance Edit

The castle was a defensible structure because of the Iuchi Plains, which were wide, and flat plains that surrounded the stronghold, facilitating the mobilization of defensive cavalry. Shugenja in the high towers of the castle can use their magic to control the flow of any battle below. [3] The Dojo of the Left was located there. [4]

History Edit

Abandoned Edit

The Gatherer of the Winds Dojo was founded by Iuchi himself at Shiro Iuchi, claiming the distinction of being the oldest shugenja dojo in the Empire. The dojo spanned several floors of the tower-like stronghold of the Iuchi family. The fortress and the dojo were abandoned for 800 years during the Ki-Rin's Exodus. [5]

Clan War Edit

In 1127 Yogo Junzo's army which included a powerful Elemental Vortex almost destroyed Shiro Iuchi, but the fortress was saved by the magic of Iuchi Karasu and the intervention of the Battle Maidens led by Otaku Kamoko. [6]

War of Spirits Edit

In 1145 [7] Shiro Iuchi was taken by one of Hantei XVI's spirit armies during the War of Spirits. [8] The Imperial Legions, Bayushi Paneki leading the Scorpion armies, and the forces of Morito arrived, eventually routing the spirit armies, [9] in the Battle of Shiro Iuchi in 1146. [7] Paneki had poisoned the food of the spirit army the day before the attack. [10]

Defenders Edit

The Khan posted the Ninth and Thirty-Sixth Junghar Legions to defend it, and three Khol Legions camped only a few miles north of the city. [4]


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