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Shiro Ichiro

Shiro Ichiro (MC9)

Shiro Ichiro (MC9) was located in the center of the Badger Clan province. It was built on a high hill, with a view of the entire area, and the rear of the castle was built along a fifty-foot rock face, [1] looking out over several sections of the Path of Woe. [2] The slopes of the hill below were covered in terraced farmlands and a reservoir built into the mountainside stores water for irrigation. [3]

Appearance Edit

Ichiro Domogu built the stone fortress, later called Shiro Ichiro, five years after the foundation of the Badger Clan, [4] designed with the assistance of Kaiu Engineers. [5] The castle sat atop a virtually unassailable plateau, and it could be reached by a number of small paths that led up to the plateau, all of which can be quickly and easily collapsed to obstruct invaders. For longer sieges there were a small number of secret escape tunnels leading away from the castle, primarily using mines that were no longer in use. [6] The fortress was built directly on top of Ryoshun's Grave. [7]

Badger Clan Edit

The Badger Clan were once very much overlooked because of their remote location, but they came into prominence when the entire clan was almost destroyed shortly before the Clan War in 1126 [8] by Hideo no Oni, [9] in the Battle of Sorrow's Road. [10] The few remaining Ichiro supported Toturi during the Clan War, and were rewarded after his coronation by being allowed to keep their name. [11]

Ruins Edit

Ruins of Shiro Ichiro

Ruins of Shiro Ichiro

To this day the castle remained mostly in ruins since its downfall in the early 12th century. The Emperor's Blessing, funded by the Miya family, was alocated to helping the Ichiro rebuild. [11] In 1160 the stronghold was a crumbling shell of stone and cracked walls, but cleared of rubble. Yet still many of the Badger made their home there. [12] Later, after the discovery of a sacred shrine dedicated to Ryoshun nearby, increased funds were dedicated by the other clans to aid in the reconstruction. [13]

War of Dark Fire Edit

Shiro Ichiro was attacked during the War of Dark Fire in 1171, and it's inhabitants were forced to flee before the Army of Fire. [14]

Rebuilt Edit

Just outside the halls of the rebuilt Shiro Ichiro, a massive stone structure served as the primary dojo for the Ichiro Bushi school, the Heart of the Mountain Dojo. [15] A full reconstruction of the castle did not take place until the Age of Exploration. [2]


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