Agasha Ryuden Arrives at Shiro Heichi

Agasha Ryuden Arrives at Shiro Heichi

Shiro Heichi (A16) once home to the Boar Clan the ruined castle has stood empty for centuries. No one knew exactly what befell the Boar Clan, but since their disappearance the Shakoki Dogu had haunted these mountains, feasting on madness. [1]

Location and Appearance Edit

Shiro Heichi

Shiro Heichi (A16)

The ruins of the castle laid in the Northern part of the Twilight Mountains, near the Plains Above Evil. [2] Four external towers connected by a low wall surrounded a central keep. The main keep hold the treasures of the clan, including several nemuranai, along with a fortune in iron, jade, and coin, and detailed maps of the area showing the mines of the clan. [3] Below the castle was the main town in the Heichi territory, a large settlement dedicated to mining, forging, and trade. The area housed a number of small temples, including a secret shrine in honor of the mountain spirit called the Shakoki Dogu. [4]

Oracle of Earth Edit

The man once called Hiruma Osuno, Oracle of Earth, was located at Shiro Heichi. [5]

Kokujin Edit

In 1159 Kokujin was living in the ruins of Shiro Heichi. [6] The Shakoki Dogu could no longer enter Shiro Heichi because the taint of the Anvil of Despair, and they doomed the castle with waves of hungry earth, just to annoy and distract Kokujin, allowing a group of Dragon heroes to deal with him. [7]

First Oni Edit

Kokujin managed to unleash the First Oni, who shattered the remains of the castle in two. [8]

Rebuilding Edit

In the late 12th century the Boar Clan was again alive, with Heichi Tochiko as their Daimyo. She began the restoration of their former glory, and in 1200 Shiro Heichi was half rebuilt. [9]


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