Shiro Hebi

Shiro Hebi

Shiro Hebi was the seat of power of the province of the Colonies north to Second City [1] and south to Journey's End Keep. [2]

Location Edit

Shiro Hebi laid two days' travel by river from both the Second City and Journey's End Keep, and about three times that by land. This loosely-organized province was lightly settled by Rokugani, with a few key villages established along the Shinano River and the associated roads. Between the castle and the river was the town. Shiro Chigiri was another castle a few miles downstream. [3]

Appearance Edit

Shiro Hebi was a small four-story wooded castle built atop a low hill near the riverside. The lowest level was made from stone. The upper floors had large arched windows, an adaptation to the weather conditions in the Colonies. The castle was the headquarters for a Spider squadron which explored the jungles to the west, and it was garrisoned by Dragon forces. [4]

History Edit

Assasination Edit

In the late 12th century some Ivinda were accused of murdering a samurai in these lands. [2]

The Imperial Legion Advance Edit

In 1198 Governor Mirumoto Kokure fortified his lands against the impending avance of the 9th Imperial Legion. [5]


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