Shiro Hanamidoki

Shiro Hanamidoki

Shiro Hanamidoki was an unassuming castle nestled amid plains and hills in the southern Asahina provinces in the middle of no arable lands and no immediately accessible large villages. The castle took its name, hanamidoki, from the small grove of cherry trees near the castle. Unlike most castles, there were no heimin or eta servants, but by a small number of monks who lived with the Asahina. [1]

Traditions Edit

At sunrise each morning the highest-ranking shugenja in attendance led a joint prayer. Following this ritual, they completed bureaucratic tasks while both monks and shugenja went about their assigned chores or furthering their education under the guidance of their sensei. Lower-ranking monks also performed martial training. [2]

Training Edit

Study of the Tao of Shinsei was first and foremost, the common link that united the shugenja with their monastic brothers. Experienced shugenja were used to place in the castle, as it was agreat center of learning and research, with a vast library within its walls. Multiple smaller shrines throughout the castle were used to pray. [2]

Sensei Edit

The position had traditionally been filled with philosophers, theologians, and nurturers, as Asahina leaders viewed Shiro Hanamidoki as a pillar of their family's spiritual development. [2]

Notable Sensei Edit


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