Please note: This article is about the original ancestral home of the Snake Clan. For other uses of the term, please see Shiro Chuda (disambiguation).
Shiro Chuda

Shiro Chuda (MC7)

Shiro Chuda (MC7) was built by Isawa Chuda, founder of the Snake Clan, in the Dragon Heart Plain. [1]

Ruins of Shiro Chuda Edit

The clan fell under the thrall of a Shuten Doji, and they were slaughtered to a man by their cousins the Phoenix in the Five Nights of Shame in 402. [2] The ruins remained undisturbed, and occasionally things not of Ningen-do emerged from them. [1] Since the inception of the Ox Clan the ruins were under the watch of Ox long-range sentries. [3]


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