Coastal Lane

Coastal Lane

Shipping Lanes were usual to trade in Rokugan. [1]

Rokugani Shipping Lanes Edit

Seafaring was dangerous, so seagoing vessels followed established routes. They hopped island-to-island, minimizing the risk. [2]

Kaigan no Kurai Nomu "Coast of Dark Mist"
Kotei Michi "Emperor's Way"
Michi no Kinu Kin "Way of Silk and Gold"
Michi no Kurai Ashi "Way of Dark Tentacles"
Michi sano Shukufuku Suru Amaterasu "Way of the Blessed Goddess"
Nagare Kyodai na Yu Kumo "Current of the Great Water Spider"
Noroi Kaikyo "Cursed Strait"
Osaku Route
Sea King's Road
Suiro Kyodai na Ebi "Giant Shrimp Channel"
Suiro Roku na Hansho "Channel of the Six Bells"

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Shipping Lanes

Shipping Lanes


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