A Rokugani ship

There are many types of ships in Rokugan. Most were transports of one form or another, as naval warfare was almost unheard of.

Rokugani Ship Construction Edit

Rokugani ships had a relatively high stern, with a flat bottom with no keel, large stern-mounted rudders known as “fish-tails” made from a single piece of pine or elm, a hull of cedar planks that were arranged edge on, not overlapping, affixed to the bulkheads with �at copper nails, and was usually horseshoe-shaped and rather boxy. Larger beams in the bulkheads and mast were made of cypress, and the ship's deck was made from �re-bent pine planks. Rokugani sails were traditionally square-shaped, made from bark-skin or coarse canvas. The sails were segmented, with wooden laths called “battens” which run horizontally throughout the sail, strengthening the fragile bark-skin at the cost of speed. They required fewer crew to operate effectively and allowed better maneuvering in light wind, ideal for short island-hopping trips and reefing maneuvers. Their single square-shaped sail that run horizontally across the hull made sailing against the wind impossible, so all Rokugani ships made some use of oars as well as sails. Most large boats incorporated a shrine into their design, often located near the stern of the ship. [1]

History Edit

The first Rokugani ships were made from softwood timbers, which tended to be devoured by worms in warm salty seas. The Mantis experimented with tougher woods, curing timber, and using oak or cedar wood and caulking their seams with pitch. [2]

Forbidden Ships Edit

In addition to forbidding trade with the gaijin, the Hantei Emperors prohibited the construction of large ocean-going vessels. [3] They proclaimed shipbuilding to be a “perfected art” and forbade any further innovations on the construction. [2]

Types of ships Edit

Ship 2



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