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Shio no Oni

Shio no Oni

Shio no Oni was an Oni which came under the thrall of the Shadows.

Origin Edit

They were similar to many other demons in that their exact origin was unknown. The most popular theory among the Kuni scholars was that they were once some other form of oni that were co-opted by the Lying Darkness and later the Shadow Dragon. [1] It was known that a Shio no Oni was sent by the Shadow Dragon to serve as an abbot of sorts to the monks of a remote monastery in the place known as the Serpent's Fangs. [2]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Also known as shadowfire demons, the Shio no Oni was a short squat creature that could resembled a troll were it not for its bluish skin color. They seemed to radiate a form of darkness around them, which kept them constantly in the shadows. Even in the brightest sunlight. They used this darkness to coalesce into a number of large tendrils that could be used to attack their prey. Those who had survived encounters with Shio no Oni reported that the tendrils burnt like fire, leading some scholars to suggest they were once Fushiki no Oni that were absorbed by the Lying Darkness. Shio no Oni were intelligent and manipulative, and would prefer deception rather than confrontation. [1]

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