The Shintao sect was one of the six largest sects of the Brotherhood of Shinsei. [1]

Founded Edit

It was formed in 254 at the twelfth Great Convocation. It was a much less traditional sect than had been previously seen. [2]

Teaching methods Edit

Shintao did not focus on any of Shinsei's teachings, and instead focused on attaining enlightenment through meditation. Instead of the traditional study of Shinsei's teachings, lessons of the Shintao sect generally consisted of Shinsei as a character in parables. A popular saying among masters of the Shintao sect was, "Shinsei didn't have the benefit of the Tao of Shinsei to achieve enlightenment, so why should you?" [3]

Tradition Edit

Pure Shintaoists believed that enlightenment was gained through the abandonment of the self. Egotism, self-value and obsession all pulled one away from enlightenment. Observation of the self, positively or negatively, was a negative activity. They believed that excessive study built unnecessary attachments to the material world. [4]

Beliefs Edit

Members of the Shintao sect believed that humanity was already enlightened, though they were unaware. Through meditation, a person could realize this truth and find their "Shinsei nature." The key to this enlightenment, according to Shintao, was to overcome attachments and desires through meditation. [3]

Adherents of Shintao did not spend their lives in monasteries as other sects did; Shintao tought that monks should not spend more than five years in monastic isolation. It also rejected the traditional belief that monks should avoid manual labor, and instead tought its adherents to work for their keep, be it while traveling or in a monastery. Also rejected was the traditional adoption of celibacy by monks. [3]

Shinteism Leader Edit

The Emperor was considered the leader of the Shintao religion. [5]

Shintao sub-sect Edit


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