Holy Home Village

Holy Home Village

The Holy Home Village (P11) in the Nejiro province [1] was named that because it was believed that Shinsei once dwelled here for two months, teaching its inhabitants. Since the death of Shinsei it became a popular pilgrimage destination. [2] It was located a few miles of the outskirts of Otosan Uchi. [3]

Origin Edit

The village was once simply known as Sumai Mura for the reputation of the warriors' strength who lived there and that the Tribe of Isawa would hire as yojimbo and assistants. [4] It maintained a small dojo for sumai wrestlers, who were known to behave in a courteous and peaceful manner. [5]

Shinsei Edit

Shinsei witnessed the arrogance of the people of Sumai Mura, and made his home there for two months. At the end of that period, the people of Sumai Mura were humble and philosophical individuals. They wished to change the name of their village to honor their teacher, but he insisted that they keep the original name. As a compromise, the name was changed to Shinsei & Sumai Mura. [4]

Shrine Edit

Shinsei no Sumai Mura

Holy Home Village (P11)

For reasons unknown to the pilgrims who travelled here they all brought with them small stones from their homes. For decades they were collected until the Master of Earth Shiba Esade used them to create the village's main shrine. All the stones brought there fit together perfectly and the shrine had since lasted for centuries. [6] [2] The road between Shiro Shiba and the village was named Esade's Walk in his honor. [7]

Shinsei Seido [8] held the original writings of Esade's collection of the teachings of Shinsei. The scrolls were believed to be destroyed by Goju Adorai's minions during the War Against the Shadow. After the war, the New Tao was enshrined here, along with part of the original Tao of Shinsei, which was recovered by Yogo Tjeki. [9]

Tradition Edit

The peasants had no access to crystal or jade, so they tried to test the taint with copper. The so-called "copper test" pierced a body part with a wire which was supposed to tarnish if Tainted. Women pierced their navels to make sure their children will be born free of taint. [10]

War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1171 during the War of Dark Fire the village was razed to the ground by the yobanjin Army of Fire. Unicorn scouts led by Moto Xiao recovered sacred scrolls which were passed to the Phoenix Clan. [11]

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