Shinsei's Last Hope

Shinsei's Last Hope

Shinsei's Last Hope (CB22), within the Kinbou province, [1] was an untainted village in a valley about a day's ride into the Shadowlands. It was held by the Crab as a way station for Hiruma Scouts to explore further into the Shadowlands. It was surrounded by a wall studded with jade, which was kept uncorrupted by Kuni rituals. Few outside the Crab know it even existed, though that was likely because the Shadowlands was not a topic for polite discussion. [2] The lands within the wall were fertile, even able to raise tea. [3] It was garrisoned with three full legions of the Third Crab Army, [4] a single dock allowed ships to come and go. [5]

Founding Edit

Shinsei's Last Hope 2

Shinsei's Last Hope (CB22)

The story went that on the first Day of Thunder, this valley was where Fu Leng was defeated and killed. A lone Crab scout discovered Shinsei, Shosuro and Shiba as they set out to return to Rokugan. Upon noticing the scout, Shinsei prophesized that while the Crab Clan protected the valley, it would remain pure of Taint, and then charged the scout to hold the valley alone. Within a week others found him, and there they built the village. [6] [7]

Twenty Goblin Winters Edit

When a Twenty Goblin Winter had been declared, Shinsei's Last Hope was used as a staging ground for ronin to begin their quest, and was where they might claim their prize when it was completed. [8]

Yasuki Hachi Edit

Shinsei's Last Hope was also where Yasuki Hachi, the Crane Yasuki daimyo, offered fealty to the Crab as well, after defending the village from attack in the Battle of Shinsei's Last Hope in 1160. This ended the hostilities from the Second Yasuki War and reunited the Yasuki family in purpose, if not in name. [9]

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Shinsei's Last Hope


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