Please note: This article is about the Celestial Sword of the Lion. For other uses of the term, please see Shinrai (disambiguation).
Created by: Xing Guo
First used by: Kitsu Motso
Currently in the possession of: Akodo Dairuko

Shinrai was the Celestial Sword of the Lion. It was one of the eight blades commissioned by Lord Sun from the Fortune of Steel, Xing Guo after the Ancestral Swords were scattered across the Celestial Heavens, and given to the Clan Champions. [1]

Lion Champions Edit

Xing Guo gave the blade to Kitsu Motso who took it as his own personal weapon. [2] Matsu Nimuro presented it to Toturi I as a symbol of the Lion's fealty to the Emperor. Toturi returned the blade to Nimuro, saying he could only accept the blade when the Empire was truly at peace. Nimuro handled it with great care and only drew it against the forces of the Shadowlands and in the few battles in which he knew he might have to personally face a Clan Champion. [3] It was this careful handling of the blade that kept it from being lost when the False Nimuro died in battle against Moto Chagatai during the War of the Rich Frog. The blade had been in more battles under the care of Ikoma Otemi and Matsu Yoshino, Nimuro's son, than with the former Lion Champion. [4]

Known Wielders Edit

Celestial Sword of the Lion

Celestial Sword of the Lion

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