Shinpi province

Shinpi province (Ks1)

The Shinpi province (Ks1) was a Dragon province of the Kitsuki family containing Shiro Kitsuki, Kyuden Tonbo, [1] the Victory of the Living Blade Dojo in its border with the Dragonfly Clan, [2] Kuchikeru, [3] Morning Frost Castle, [4] Keen Eyes' Strike Village, [5] and Kaagi's Soul Shrine. [6]

Landscape Edit

The province was a network of twisting valleys and hilly steppes. Steep hills, patch-worked with grass-clusters and shrubs, abruptly ended in tall cliffs overlooking the south and distant Kyuden Tonbo. [7]

Borders Edit

The province was bordered by the Unicorn lands to the West, by the Gaien province (Mi1) to the North, by the Kaitou province (Ks2) to the East, and by the Dragonfly lands to the South separating the province of the Lion territory. [1] In 1200 the Dragon Wall was created to avoid anyone to enter or leave the Dragon provinces north of Last Step Castle. [8]


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