Shinobi Corruption

Shinobi Corruption

Shinobi, or stealth, [1] was the art of twisting reality by giving form to formlessness, and removing form to create substance. [2]

Creation Edit

Also known as "Shadow Art", this art and spellcraft was created by Soshi, the alter ego of Shosuro, during her lucid days after her mysterious disappearance. The art of Shinobi was absorbed by the Shosuro family, who used it to deceive their opponents, creating doubles and illusions. [3] The shinobi were a small and specialized group within the Scorpion Clan, numbering at most a few hundred. [4]

Shadow-branding Edit

After further experiments, Soshi was able to imprint Bayushi's spies with shadow brands, literally making them one with the shadows. [5]

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