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Shinko Kamiko 
Shinko Kamiko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1124 
Titles: Keeper of the Tomb

Shinko Kamiko was a Bloodspeaker Pennaggolan of the Shadowlands.

Bloodspeaker Edit

Kamiko was a follower of Iuchiban. As a pennaggolan she must to subsist on the blood of human victims, which she must take periodically to stay alive. Among the ranks of the Bloodspeakers, she found a plentiful source of food. In human form, she masqueraded as a ronin samurai-ko in search of work. [1]

Keeper of the Tomb Edit

When in 510 the heartless was defeated and entombed, Kamiko got control of the Ruby of Iuchiban which later pased to Asahina Yajinden. [2] Kamiko was the keeper of the Tomb of Iuchiban. [3]

Circle of Five Edit

Shinko Kamiko 2

Shinko Kamiko as Nisei's yojimbo

Kamiko was one of the founder members of the Circle of Five, and after the Iuchiban's entombment the leadership was held by Yajinden. [4] She and the renegade Crane had benefited from their mutual acquaintance. She defended him from potential threats, and he made the resources of his cult readily available to her. [1]

Seeking Iuchiban freedom Edit

Kamiko impersonated the yojimbo of Meishozo Nisei, [5] who was truly Yajinden. [6] She appeared as a pretty samurai-ko, dressed in a nondescript kimono and carrying a short spear over her shoulder. [7]

Samurai group Edit

In 1120 Yajinden manipulated a band of samurai into aiding him in finding the Four Masks of Iuchiban, the Tomb's lost keys. [8] When he needed them no longer he had sent Kamiko to dispose of them, but she failed. [3] [9]

Second encounter Edit

The group headed toward the Tomb of Iuchiban tracking down Yajinden, so Kamiko attacked them again, now in her Pennaggolan true nature, killing Kuni Visten. [10]

Death Edit

Shinko Kamiko 3

Shinko Kamiko

Kamiko died in 1124. [11]

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