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Shinjo Yoshifusa (II) 
Shinjo Yoshifusa (II) 
Born: 1055 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Shinjo Sanefusa,
Shinjo Yoshiko

Shinjo Yoshifusa was the leader of the Unicorn Clan at Ryoko Owari Toshi. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Yoshifusa was a tenacious man with great willpower, and his career was admirable. [2] He went on a merchant caravan as a young man and earned great glory protecting the Unicorn trade interests from gaijin attackers. He retired to Ryoko Owari [3] where he became old, pathetic, and stubborn man, who had passed his sixties without entering in retiremerent. In 1123 he had sixty years old and still was on duty, while he was mocking on his back. [2]

Family Edit

Yoshifusa had a son, Shinjo Sanefusa, and a daughter, Shinjo Yoshiko. His children had their lifes stymied. His son was a doubtful bushi, frightened to take decissions after years of strong control and reprimands from Yoshifusa. His daughter was getting old and still had not married, treated as a servant by her father. [4][5]

Replaced Edit

Ide Baranato replaced aged Yoshifusa as leader of the Unicorn in the city. [6] It seemed Baranato engineered the Opium War, and Yoshifusa had to appear near its end to force a Unicorn bushi, Otaku Naishi, to confront a Blood Feud signed against her for an unauthorized duel which involved her in the illegal opium activities. [7]


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