Shinjo Xushen

Shinjo Xushen

Shinjo Xushen was a bushi of the Unicorn Clan and a member of the Baraunghar army.

Aiding the Crab Edit

Shinjo Xushen 1

Shinjo Xushen

Xushen was part of the Baraunghar at Iuchi Lixue's command who aided the Crab in the defence of the Kaiu Wall. [1]

The Shogun Edit

After the Wall was retaken, except the Tower of Fear, the Baraunghar were stationed with the Shogun's forces. [1]

Lion march begins Edit

After the defeat of the khan Moto Chagatai in the Battle of Toshi Ranbo in 1169, the Lion swore to take Shiro Moto within one year. When the march to Shiro Moto began, Xushen was stationed with the Junghar, and was considered the best marksman in Shinjo Shono's army. During the Lion march he drew a fired arrow. The oil Shono had slathered onto that section of the field caught the flame, killing many Lion warriors. Before the oil fire could spread, the fires abruptly disappeared in a sudden cyclone of flowing air, summoned by Kitsu. The Lion had broken through the traps and evaded the ambush, so the Unicorn retreated. [2]

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