Shinjo Usuia was a bushi of the Unicorn Clan, and their finest iaijutsu master at that time. [1]
Shinjo Usuia

Scholar Edit

Usuia was a happy-go-lucky scholar, who was interested in the location of the Ukyo blade, the Ancestral Sword of the Fox Clan, gifted by the Kami Shinjo herself to the Fox who remained behind during the Ki-Rin's Exodus. [2]

Duelist Edit

Usuia was an accomplished duelist, being Iaijutsu one of his greatest loves. He attempted to learn anything new whenever he could. [2]

Winter court - 1123 Edit

Usuaia attended winter court at Kyuden Seppun in 1123, when he was reaching his forties. He hoped to speak to the great Kakita Toshimoko there, and perhaps challenge him to a duel of skill to pick up a few pointers. Usuia knew that his family was attempting to maneuver him into the Emerald Champion's position, and he did not mind. He spent his time in the court attempting to have access to the scrolls of the Seppun, where clues on the Ukyo blade could be found. [2]

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