Shinjo Turong

Shinjo Turong

Shinjo Turong was a bushi from the Unicorn Clan.

Ryoko Owari Edit

Turong was appointed at Ryoko Owari, working as yoriki [1] with the Emerald Magistrate Kitsuki Chizaru. In 1165 a new chief magistrate was appointed, Doji Satori. Three weeks after his arrival they investigated the murder of Asako Yaro, chief adjunct to the Phoenix Clan ambassador. Disguised, Yaro had arrived to a seedy tea house to feed his opium vice. There he had been killed, his throat cut from behind. Surprisingly it was found evidence of poison in his body, so two different parties had sought Yaro's demise. [2]

Governor Edit

Turong was the governor of Toshi no aida ni Kawa, the City Between the Rivers. In 1165 Miya Shoin, the Imperial Herald, met Turong in his attempt to deliver an Imperial Edict to the Khan, Moto Chagatai, but Turong denied to inform his Lord's location as a security measure in time of war. Shoin was a guest in the city and joined his old friend Rezan, the poet ronin and returned spirit. [3]

Rezan Edit

The Unicorn guards detained Mirumoto Takeo, a Dragon emissary. Unicorn and Dragon were involved in the War of the Rich Frog, and Takeo was treated as a spy. The Dragon requested to deliver a message to Rezan, and Turong summoned the ronin. Rezan read a non completed letter that could only be written by the reincarnation of his lost wife. Turong allowed the trio to leave Unicorn lands. [3]

Tomb of Seven Thunders Edit

Turong was present when the call came to rally to Emperor Toturi III at the Tomb of the Seven Thunders in 1168. There he fought in the Battle of the Tomb alongside with Moshi Sayoko, where the Mantis fought to the point of absolute exhaustion, until she collapsed from the effort, badly wounded. The Unicorn saw the arrival of The Maw and Akuma no Oni, that began to fight each other. Turong slung Sayoko unceremoniously across the back of his horse and rode toward the Kaiu Wall. [4] In the time since, Turong had stayed in communication with Sayoko. [5]

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Shinjo Turong


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