Shinjo Tarasin was a general of the Unicorn Clan.

Avenging an Insult Edit

In 935 the Soshi Daimyo Soshi Arashi bitterly offended the Unicorn in court. In response, a Unicorn army led by the general Shinjo Tarajin invaded the Soshi provinces and laid siege to Shiro no Soshi. A week into the siege, Arashi received word that reinforcements were on the way. He appeared on the walls of the castle and mocked the Unicorn forces. Shinjo Tarajin raised his bow, and held the drawn bow for almost a minute. When Tarajin released his shot the arrow pieced the Soshi Daimyo's neck, who fell death. The Unicorn army returned home, their honor avenged. This was Rokugan's first encounter with the art of yomanri. [1]


  1. Book of Air, p. 29

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