Shinjo Tae-hyun 
Shinjo Tae-hyun 
Born: Unknown 
Children: Shinjo Taeken 
Titles: Topaz Champion

Shinjo Tae-hyun was a Unicorn Clan bushi and the Topaz Champion of 1171. He earned a post as a magistrate.

Topaz Championship Edit

Shinjo Tae-hyun 2

Shinjo Tae-hyun

Shinjo Hyun won the Topaz Championship and took the name Tae-hyun. He was then approached by Togashi Mitsu, and Tae-hyun asked the Oracle of Thunder where he should go in order to do the most good for the Empire.[1] The Oracle's words echoed in his mind as he charged on the battlefield. [2]

Children Edit

Tae-hyun had a son, Shinjo Taeken. [3]

Colonies Edit

In 1198 Tae-hyun was exploring in the Colonies, where he found a ruined library when he was escaping from a beast that had attacked his unit. He was met there by another explorer, Tamori Kazushige. [4] The place would be known as Yasuyo's Final Lesson. [5]

Siege of the Second City Edit

Tae-hyun was in the colonial capital when the Siege of the Second City began. He attended winter court there this year, and he increased his fame as lecherous with his approach to several young women including Toku Makoto. [6] Tae-hyun joined the Ninth Imperial Legion which was besieging the city, and requested the Imperial commander, Shinjo Kinto, to send an ultimatum to Shinjo Tselu to end the engagement. The Ivory Champion surrendered the city to the legions and himself after Tselu conceded defeat in a duel to first blood to Tae-hyun. [7]

Topaz Champions Trio Edit

Tae-Hyun had as companion a former Topaz Champion, Kaiu Onizuka. They met a third one, Kitsuki Nakai, and both offered their aid in any endeavour the Dragon had there. [8]

Age of Madness Edit

Tae-Hyun apprehends Hama

Tae-Hyun apprehends Hama

During the Age of Madness many incidents happeneded, influenced by the influx of the mad dragon P'an Ku. In 1199 Tae-Hyun apprehended Yoritomo Hama, one he suspected of numerous criminal activities despite his claim of magistrate status. The Mantis had in his possession documents that seemed to indicate he was affiliated in some way with Matsu Yoshito, a villain who had recently killed Utaku Sung-Ki. Hama might have passed on information concerning Sung-Ki's whereabouts to the Lion. [9]

External Links Edit

Preceded by:
Shinjo T'sao
Topaz Champion
Succeeded by:
Mirumoto Kalen


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