Please note: This article is about the tactician. For other uses of the term, please see Sihung (disambiguation).
Shinjo Sihung

Shinjo Sihung

Shinjo Sihung was a bushi and tactician of the Unicorn Clan.

Colonies Edit

In the Colonies Sihung issued an unsanctioned duel to Bayushi Irezu, one of the finest warriors in the Scorpion Clan. Sihung's wrath was such that it colored his vision and made him incautious. He was soundly defeated in a brisk combat between the two men, with Irezu outmatching him with sheer athleticism and his mindset. Sihung was spared by the laughing perhaps-madman he had chosen to engage. [1]

External Links Edit

Irezu defeats Sihung

Sihung is defeated by Bayushi Irezu


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